Welcome to my website.

Ellen Airhart is a science writer and producer based in San Francisco. She likes to write about plants, animals, and people who are thriving in the margins. She is drawn to stories about the environment, but usually adds a tech angle. 

She has degree in biology and writing from the University of Texas. While there, she did research on aptamers and founded the science and technology department at her college newspaper, The Daily Texan

She left Texas to get her graduate degree in science, health, and environmental reporting at NYU. While there, she helped the fine folks at Guerrilla Science build virtual reality vacations to space. She also interned at Psychology Today and Popular Science, where she wrote about frog orgies, portapotties and dogs that can sniff out invasive plants. 

After graduating, she moved to California to work as a reporting fellow for WIRED magazine. She was subsequently hired as an editorial producer for Snapchat and wrote about subjects like recycling and the sketchy technology behind drug testing for the science desk. In late 2018, Condé Nast disbanded its Snapchat staff, so Ellen is currently freelancing and looking for a new gig. 

Now for extracurriculars. Ellen has run five marathons and an Ironman 70.3. She reads constantly and has not yet internalized that she can’t read every longform published every day. She is devoted to 27 houseplants and a fish. 

In order to get in touch about freelancing, jobs, or excursions involving penguins, feel free to reach out at ellen.airhart [at] gmail.com.